Nov 142012

by Henry 7. Reneau, Jr.


whatever doesn’t happen

hasn’t happened—might most likely



awaiting its anticipated moment

flares up, virulent

an answer—


not to the blow, but the quivering of despair

a yellow sound, backpedaling

intuition colored in collateral damage


gloom-smoke, roiling from the aftermath

a clenched apprehension, lurks beneath

every fear that hides a wish.


broken glass

splinters as guilt from anxious hearts

corrupted by yesterday’s nightmare:


the man gathered 11bodies, including those

of four girls younger than 6,

and set fire to them . . .


he had something to do & apparently did it

or we would not be here

more so from regret soon to fossilize


to an artifact of indifference

diminished by the voice of progress


the point-of-view of evil: civilization

ratcheting up the tension 


like holding a wolf by the ears

you won’t like it, but you’re scared to let go.




*Kandahar massacre