Nov 222015

by Tracy Blanchard


He split you in two when he made love to you

And then nailed you together again.

He spoke his language to you

And fed you his food,

Kissing the belly where it lay.

And when you were with him,

You were no longer a foreigner

But had a country, a nationality

That was him.


Most nights found you

Wandering down the dirt road

In the Brazilian heat

Wearing the crown of

Perfumed flowers-

“Lady of the night”-

That he made for you.


In the middle of the circle of fighters

You faced his wife,

Stared into her dark eyes

Her beautiful face,

And then tumbled against her in the dirt.

He clapped and sang and smiled

While you two women

With identical teeth marks on your breasts

Sweated against each other’s skin.


And she never knew that

You let her win,

That you just couldn’t bring yourself to beat her.