Feb 162013

by Emily Strauss


One day in my life

I was sixty one that year

on a sunny day in June

with scattered clouds

around the circling hills

we saw a singular event

not to be repeated in our

lifetimes, Venus across the sun

a tiny black dot moving

diagonally against a wavering

star, darkness upon fire

planet upon the face of day

flickering in the lens

in the mirror

in view indirectly

high above

high on a mountain


in the clear air

in reds, blues, purples

for our naked eyes

we saw a singular event

never to be seen again

one transit

one passage of time

a slip of matter in the face

of heat and light

one solid, one not

and man and animals

may stand below

and marvel or not

until the edge draws near

and Venus returns

to black space.

We will sip our wine

later and tell the little

children to tell their

own children

in one hundred and five

more years.