Oct 132014

by Michael Roloff


The Robins are in good voice at 4:30 a.m.

Yes the Robins are back in the mating game,

and the  Mating Game is on Starbucks t.v.

‘what Lola  Wants’ is on.

Lola wants good coffee

and to be well whatever

and the Starbucks baristas have been retrained and chirp ‘good morning’ ‘how are ya?’

“good morning how are ya”


to every customer

till you are sick of them

and wish they would say

‘ya know, I feel just as dazed as you look’

I had to go to bed too early

to be whatever.


Ah Robin Wablonsky

where are you

the Robin of Belle Harbor

at Rockaway Beach

are you still

in the autumn

quite still

raising baby Robins

getting them to fly

not fall out of nests

to get ready for the mating game

and to chirp like the dickens come next spring.