Aug 312012

by Chinedu Ichu


There must be healing power someplace

You close your eyes to our demands

Set sail frigates without worthy occupants

Instead, your tongue only licks our toe

Driving us into oblivion

Has our land not ridiculed us enough?

Has our tears not flowed unend?

We’ve decided to borrow more from suckling ones

Take a look at this chaffed palm

Striking hard on hired tambourine

Last night…

They spend endless days cursing dry bones

Where was their mouth piece?

Drunken inside a trance

That thrives in wickedness

Label on empty schnapps bottle reads:

Our elders are wayward

What covenant drove them wild on our behalf?

Dark clouds curl all over dozen of portraits

We were not even fetus yet

This burden ate up ignorant bloodline

Embrace our waters like the days of old.