Nov 152012

by Mark Lee Webb


day stray picked me out of running Keds in circles –       

ended up pup just came to play with Miss Simm’s

twelve pairs of Penny Loafers n P F Flyers  –               

so not killed that day        but could have working


bingo night when I tied Ernie’s wrists       

Tom held his legs        Doc shouted

don’t let him bite you        he’s a biter


Ernie snarled        foaming words spit out his mouth

ya devil mothas I gonna ka kill ya


parachuting down from skipped Thorazine dreams

after charge nurse shuffled out warehouse back door

for snort        flew back high        miscounted meds

did not see Ernie listening to whispering hall walls

needed me n Tom to paint walls shut up         sedate

Ernie        store on shelf        until next game night.