Sep 142011

by Chinedu Ichu

Your beauty,
A glorious heritage
Now smell like affluent waste
Gangly arms
Of your proud bush meat
Mislead an oblivious literate generation
Their response
When queried;
‘’the gully swallowed our entire education,
Finally our hunger too’’
The head of the mantel
Bacons wisdom to be sedated
In a show of shame
Under the influence
Of Brewed local grass root
Your voice then was engraved
On the lips
Of an entire south eastern race
Your voice now
Drives them into fortifying
Their birth stone
Obosi, should I weep
Reel head over heels in laughter
Should I simply search?
For a mind
Locked in the doldrums
Of the past
Willing to purchase my nativity
Strangers renew privilege cards
Why not?
When the lands
Your forefathers bequeathed to you
Bear their costly initial
Your youth hunt indigenes down
Like mad wildebeests
I am amongst you
A son of the soil
Never will I attest to this impunity.