Feb 272010

 We dream: gods again, not numbers numbing

 Heaven to a thought, but real gods again, or

 – Richard Kenney



 by Bradley Earl Hoge

What do we mean by field

Is heaven tall grass hiding serpents

and bugs sending seeds

into the wind

Is the universe influential

without substance the space

between electrons filled

with their loathing

Or is solidity

the distance we keep

defining space

more than the space we fill

Is heaven an occupation

of the mind But what is mind

but a field generated by neurology

evolutionary psychology

protecting us from our knowledge

of death and nothingness

So is it a circular argument

Or spherical ontologic

recapitulating the epistemic

(or visa versa) anthropic

cosmological principle

Heaven an emergent

property of consciousness

pulling us back to spherical center

the expanding surface

of balloon membrane touching

membrane causing

ripples of universes

and Heaven the nothing

ness between