Jan 152011

Published in the February 2010 issue of The Write Room, Lois Bassen’s “Schrodinger’s Pearls” won the 2009 Atlantic Pacific Press Drama Prize. A Vassar graduate, Lois has won awards for poetry and been published in John Champlin Gardner’s literary magazine, MSS, as well as The Kenyon Review, The American Scholar, and various online magazines including Minnetonka, Conte, The Externalist, and Persimmontree. She is a reader-reviewer for; a prizewinning, produced, and published playwright (Samuel French, Month Before The Moon, Next Of Kin at New York’s ATA, two other plays in Ohio, one in NC), and  a commissioned co-author of a WWII memoir by the young Scottish bride of Baron Hajime Kawasaki (Thistle & Chrysanthemum).  In addition, three of Lois’s novels are serialized online at, along with an alternative historical novel’s first 5,000 words excerpted in episodes at