Sep 142011

by Ricky Garni

The first day that I ever heard SKA music I felt as though I had just been born.
Everything seemed so new and fresh. I felt as though I fell in love for the first time.
I felt as though I ran so fast through the woods that I thought my heart was going
to burst. I felt as though I played the piano and laughed as though there was nothing
more delightful in the entire world and I was playing terribly. I felt as though I stole
apples from the corner store. I felt as though I jumped over a turnstile and jumped onto
a train to who knows where. I felt as though I juggled oranges on the curb and they all
fell down and it felt wonderful. It felt so wonderful that I felt as though I laughed – at
strangers, at loved ones, at my family, at celebrities. And I felt as though they all
laughed too. Not at first, naturally, but I began to laugh and I felt so new and wonderful
and they began to laugh too and they felt the exact same way. And we all stood up and
raised our voices to the heavens and sang together to the skies: this has nothing to do
with SKA music whatsoever!