May 142011

by Don Kingfisher Campbell

I’m losing interest
in judging humans
of aging earth

I want to be
sinking particles
into settling sea

for life
or merely detritus

so much
sand lying
at dark bottom

passing centuries
as seconds
over eons

while silent majorities
peacefully respirate
taking up space

on a small planet
inside spinning galaxy
littering the cosmos

talk about
just sense

eternity away
simple existence
no war sightable

somehow closer
than ever
toward godhead

  4 Responses to “Demanifest”

  1. Hi, Don. Very powerful poem. A lot said in a little space. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. Kingfisher, the way you combine your humanity with the constantly evolving earth. We are all one with our Mother eventually and this is the theme you have in your words. Sometimes humans think they are so important and will live forever. Not so.

  3. Your poetry is so much like a fine painting, each person that reads it gets something different out of, maybe just something meant specifically for them, sometimes not even intended by the author. That is great art.

  4. Don,

    Your write poetry that like a fine painting can reveal or express so many different things to different people. Like when a group of people stand looking at a painting, each seeing something different and maybe getting out of it something not even intended by the artist.. I love how you paint with your words.