Apr 232013

by Adreyo Senpoem, poetry


Living in the sun

The purple plant

Never danced its delight

Into the serene face

Of the sky

Never matched its sway

To the hip-hop

Of the crying

For joy



The purple plant drooped

All the while

Its weariness clouding

Its great beauty

Made it old

It died quietly


That its heart was broken

Twisted as had been

All its mirrors

Jeering ghosts

In disappearing raindrops.


The pink plant

Marooned castaway

Growing unloved

In the abandoned disarray

Of a once-palace

To a couple very much in love

Was happy

She had made

Of a dark spot

In the ceiling

A sun

She danced at it

And was content to believe

It smiled in return

Stunted yet

She sparkled

Into beauty bright.


They would have been great friends

These plants so frail

So ready to embrace

And forgive

Recognising in each other

A captive to behaviors


The pink plant as incapable

Of sorrow

As the purple

Of being happy.


In the intensity

Of their temperaments

They were

The same plant