Mar 162014

by Weldon Sandusky


A middle-age alcoholic mental case

I’m released from the State Insane Asylum

And discharged to a half-way house.

A van transports me and I get out.   The door


A highly polished wood floor and a seven foot

Black Man welcome me.


Jackie carries a doll around

And Rex a tool kit. I try to look like

A lawyer.


Then what does it matter! 

From Classifieds I get a job–Prep Cook.

Riding the City Bus at Four in the morning

Returning in the afternoon not really hungry.


A poor unfortunate with a Big Book

I sit at the AA meetings.  Rarely talking.,

Relenting one night to argue.

“I’m not an alcoholic!”

“I’m not an alcoholic!”

Denial!   Denial!    Denial!

A backlash comes like a Big Wave.


I cut potatoes and carrots and Never Drink.

The Black  Man congratulates me

And Jackie has her doll wave and say, “Hi!”