Mar 112011

by Leila A. Fortier

  3 Responses to “Time”

  1. Leila,

    Your words sing love and reflect passion inside your tomorrows. A lady like you will always have a man to lean on and he on you. Your affection is genuine. Ladies like you are a dream envisaged by many men like me. Men who look for truthful hearts that tell stories of real love.

  2. Sands of time flow exceedingly slow, when you are hoping for a quick response.
    The aching increases rapid as your heart beat, in a storm of desire.
    Then plumets when the reaction anticipated is mired in ignorance and rejection.
    Your tears wash away the pain, but forgetting takes an eternity, slowly lived.

  3. Your words of invitation and regret, tell a story of yesterday and today, as though time and presence are married to yesterday and tomorrow. In attendance at the wedding are thought, pain, and joy. Amid the guests are you and I, and half the population of the world. Your poetry is amazing.