Jan 152014

by Connor Blacksher


“Stand back and smile”

The photographer tells them

From behind a large contraption.

He emerges from behind a dusty

Dusty drape of cloth



A couple stands beneath a tree.

It is no further than fifteen feet from

The mechanism.

He leans over to her and

Moves a low

Strand of hair from

Her nose. Grazing the

Side of his hand


She pressed her lips into his skin

Tasting each calloused pore.

Every railroad tie that he pounded into

The ground.


In reply his lips

Locked onto her

Forehead. Six strands of hair

Sandwiched between them.

His lips

Wet with all of the

“I love you’s” trapped inside

 Her head.


A flash struck their eyes,

Turning the world around them into a blur

Of white and noise.


Weeks later

He met with them again with

Paper in hand.

The couple stared at this paper,


Until finally he gave it to them.

The first time in their lives

That they had held themselves.