Jan 152010

by Paul Hostovsky 

I like to watch people fight.

Especially couples. Especially

loving couples. I think it must be

spite. I fought a lot with my first wife,

and my second wife, too. And now

me and my girlfriend, whom I love a lot,

fight a lot. I think it must be me.

But then I see other people fight and I feel

better. Do you think that’s perverse?

Do you think I’m a pervert like my

first wife said? I do have a prurient

bent. I sometimes incline towards pure

prurience. Things can really spiral

when I get the itch. Then all I see is skin.

Skin before my eyes, skin under my

nose, skin in the red light district behind

my vanishing hairline. Then all I want to do

is scratch. My first wife and I

fought about that a lot. My second wife

had a prurient bent too, so we saw eye to eye

on that. But we fought about everything else.

Now I see other couples fight and I feel

better about myself. In fact, I feel

so good about myself, I sometimes think:

Look at the two of them fighting. He obviously

doesn’t understand her. She ought to be with me.

I understand her. I could take her hand in mine,

I could lift it above her head in the manner

of prizefighters and referees, I could pronounce her

understood in the world.