Jan 142011

by Natalie Grigson


If you ever want to

Lose your breath

Feel your heart  f



Into the ocean with your thoughts

And see the sky turn into blood

Through eyes of tears

You can visit the end of the world

In Lagos, Portugal

A cliff from the heavens

To the cold depths of Hell

Which we all know is worse than fire

Where waves crash high over your face

No one would find you

See your last smile

So watch your footing

Beyond you

Beyond your sight or imagination

And a bit further still

The ocean reaches its greedy fingers

Hoping for land

But won’t find any

Until its waters have cooled and warmed

A thousand times

You watch the blood sky

Drip into the perfect line that is the horizon

That is the most perfectly straight line in nature

And they meet and are one

They make purple when they finally touch

Your arms are wrapped with a friends’

Because it’s cold?

Because you’re sad?

Because you’re happier than you’ll ever be again?

All of it

So you cry and hold on tight

Here on this ledge you are in heaven

And the fall back down is treacherous

So you hold on tight

To this feeling

To this moment

To the last bit of warmth from the sun

And then it is gone

And you leave the end of the world

Feeling like you’ve just seen the apocalypse