Mar 182009

by Patrick Pomeroy

You held me in your arms,
But not for very long. 
I cried for your milk. I nursed until you bled.

I needed your love..your warmth. 
You could barely stand it.
I was writhing and couldn’t know 
Your thoughts. What was in your head.

I but an animal enough to know 
What was not in your heart.

Later in my young life you would 
From all that was maternal, 
All that I needed for my child’s  
Heart to beat..and my soul to eat.

To your room where you slept a  
Narcotic sleep. So my child’s eyes  
Did they begin to weep.

Past a nirvana of your own making,
I a child I couldn’t reach.
With slips of words about love,

So instead I reached inside myself,
|To write to you…For the pain you
Could not bear.

Finally you arrived, bleary eyed and
Bored. Even though in my child’s heart
It was always you that I adored.