Aug 312012

by Marsha Temlock


Mother’s needles click, clack

One Bam Two crack,

I pass

The fifth waits her turn.

Like Penelope


Toss a rabbit’s foot

Across the cracks  

Out of bounds


Your turn

No mine


Chinky chose

Always knows.


Crochet hooks

In sweaty hands

Add a stitch

To a dandy doily

Rays husband?

Laid off again.

You don’t say!


Skipping rope

Steady ender

No fair.

Take up the dare.

Too hot.


Bounce the ball

   off the wall

     on the ground

        round and round.

          See all the world

              in perfect solitude.


Dad’s day off

He’ll drive the truck to Tibbet’s Brook

where sunshine spills on Momma’s thighs

and rainbow fish pulse back and forth

When summer days drift like rafts

Needles click and clack.

Clouds sweat idle tears.

Rain is lemonade.

And child’s games unafraid.