Sep 142011

by Ejaz Ahamed

I am merely a pebble but with untold stories.
composed , I sit, giving ear to the morning whispers,
The dying cricket clicks against the rising canary chirps.
Veiled in plain sight, I spied on the early birds,
as they paraded on mundane routes.

I know of a timid, profound desire of a youth,
as he scratched his name on tree trunks,
and someday it will be written in the stars.
A decisive role I played in a child’s game,
as they tossed me around to choose their fate.
People tripped over me, cursing me as they fell;
Carrying the burden of life, they couldn’t spot me.
I took in the anger of a teenager,
as he launched me in the air, thus, venting his frustration.
An elderly scrutinized as if he never had met me,
confiding in me his darkest secrets without a word.

The sun departed when the evening songs gathered,
The traffic snarled for a while before settling down.
Folks returned to their nests casting me aside,
And I played a part in all walks of life,
A pebble with untold stories, I remained, till the end of time