Jul 092011

by Salvatore Attardo

My morning e-mail offers me

Several steel-like erections

And millions of dollars

It is touching to see that people

Care so much about me

That they would offer me

Money and erections.

I wish I could sit down my anonymous

Sex and millions mongers and say

Look, I’ve got all the erections I can handle

as it is now, and money would be nice,

but studies have shown that lottery winners

end up worse off, or die young.

Instead, how about some good book recommendations?

That I would like: garbled messages,

to evade spam filters

saying, Flow-Bert, Mad-am, b-ovary

Joy-s, Ul-hisses,

Chi-New-A Ache-B, T l-l ings F0ll A-part

Jan/e O-sten, M – Ah,

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