Jan 152014

by Jess Provencio


Jefferson was the third president of the United States

through DNA testing it has been proven

he fathered children with his slave Sally Hemmings

starched shirt still crisp on his fourth trip of the day

he gives morning history lessons on the 206 line

his badge has only four numbers

a testament to how long he’s been driving

Jefferson Boulevard


Adams was the second president of the United States

his son John Quincy Adams was the sixth president

neither father nor son owned slaves

he gives directions in both Spanish and English

thanking every rider on his bus

getting out of his seat to help an elderly woman

as she struggles to manage her bags

Adams Boulevard


Washington was the first president of the United States

he owned 18 slaves at Mount Vernon

his wife Martha brought an additional 200

when someone complains he is too cheerful

he jokes about forgetting his medication this morning

his eyes hidden behind sun glasses    impenetrable   

no one can tell        if he is having the last laugh

Washington Boulevard