Sep 142010

by Mangesh Naik

This is the way  twilight descends, in a white sky

underneath a single dark cloud –  priest recites chants

knowing sometimes we forget  one day we all will die

My twin sisters, their shadows under their pale skins

their horses parked in the dead grass outside

splinters from the seething sun, are arrows in their chests

Solicitors are at the door revoking pilgrimage rights

door bell becomes  temple bell ,  blind neighbor is deity

a lone eagle  paints red horizon with gist from the Gita

To die, I  have come home, following  my dead infant’s scent

My body stamped with ashes and fires to come

the non perishable one inside,  an eager child – strains at the wrapping

outside the window, small girls in white ponytails wave final salute

rain women sneeze in pairs,  knives slides inside copper flesh

on ash tree in the spit of rain a crow waits for its share of food

My heart like guitar strings, thinks of pretty things to play

I move towards the end limb by limb

only my wings remain , fly as they burn deep into the sea