Mar 142014

by Nicole Edine


One day my seagulls became pigeons 

And my longing became yours 

The world devilishly wrapped its delicate fingers around my heart

Squeezing liquid life

If you think you know the answers 

Bury them

Delusion doesn’t become you 

Luckily your smile will suffice 

You may clutch your wounded soul in secret

Don’t think I haven’t noticed

We all live pain so discreetly

Don’t think I haven’t tried

If the Rose could see the ending

The beginning

Then all of those ocean waves

Turned taxicabs

Would mean something 

An unfolding unforetold 

A juicy peach ripe for plucking

Simmered, bottled



If Ocean Avenue could run up 14th Street 

The Hudson would become the Barnegat Bay

Wistfully across the waters

Would be a home no longer mine

Dreams undefined and drifting 

What did we do for five years 

That floods my nostalgic cognizance? 

Somewhere between the roads

Growing up violently seized

Seagulls transformed to pigeons 

Dissolving too soon 

Page flips are tricks of reluctant bravado

Coffee floods this morning

With caffeine stained  

Longings wrapped in idealistic hope

Hope for joyful resolution 

Uncertain true fulfillment 

If you think you know the ending 

Kill it

Your selfishness will surprise you 

Your endurance even more so

Nothing will ever be as good as you imagine

But just one leap of faith

(Or perhaps a few small hops)

Seagulls and pigeons will dance in your heart