Nov 152012

by Henry 7.Reneau, Jr.


a caution shade of combustion all appetite:

red lipstick that mimics arousal;


red hair kissed by flaming fire,

awakening Ann-Margret’s purr,

light & paper thin,

a perfect flint to start a quarrel, or bullet 

that portends a war;


fist-tight crimson resurrected & flung

into scorching solar wind,

white phosphorous phoenix, all molten red

& gold immolation.


running red-light scared, terror-blind

& frightened russet sparrows

& brushfire sweep of abandon-ship crows

launch into arsonist scarlet sky,


an obsession with the pyre 

terrific as all creation.     anima ablaze

& dancing with desire, red rebellious heart

burned at the stake, conflagration


to redshift reincarnation

at the igneous end of panic, obsession

to vaporization,

a crematoria bone-gray ash, reborn

an unrequited, & intimate, act of passion.