Jan 142011

by Daniel Wilcox

Taking it easy, zooming down 101,

California-coasting on a three dog night–

Suddenly screeching brakes and red tails;

Muttering dog words,

I jam my stop pedal, scanning

The sluggish crawl of tires n’ metal ahead,

Doing under 10 in the fast lane;

Where’s the eye-goggled wreck?

Lo and hold; up ahead, a small mongrel,

Only a small blurred bush of fur

Paws down the lighted pavement

In front of a Honda Civic lady;

The rest of us, ‘paused’ gas-guzzlers hank

down until a Ford trucker swerves

Off the un-freeway, jumps out

And grabs for the pacing pooch,

But the tiny canine switches lanes,

Into the doggy night, an Indy pacer,

Ahead of our growls on the paved terrain

–One lone whelp, the night’s terrier.