May 122011

by Kasandra Larsen

Note to user: an unlit cigarette will not activate

the imagination or the body to teleportation; initiation

of the time-travel capacity requires ignition. Turn

the lighter’s wheel, strike the match. Bring the device

to primed lips and inhale; watch the tip glow

like insight, a personal firefly. Within ten seconds

you will feel a sensation of dissociation; this is normal,

soul splitting from the body temporarily to facilitate

flight. The day’s mundane conversations, petty

irritations will vanish, left behind. The view moves

inward, eyes now effectively blind to everything

but breath and mind. Successive inhalations spark

reflective mechanisms, ensure a seamless travel

experience: as all time is now, you may zoom forward,

flip back, skip from childhood to just before death.

Disclaimer: the length of your experience may differ

and will depend on variable factors, such as filter

length, lung capacity and the ability to hold your breath.