Jul 092011

by Salvatore Attardo

Watch out! There goes the somnambulist funambulist

walking the tight-rope, drinking a glass of water.

The Hendersons are all already here

and so is the moonstruck little Peter I used to date.

Mme. Sosostris, whose maiden name was d’Arc

will later read your cards, if you desire, but now

watch for the white-faced clowns, and the Auguste

the Roman Hadrian, the nuns and monsignori

who will dance around the stage

eight times and a half.

Watch carefully for Crab Man

and the Bearded Lady – whom I also dated.

They will parade, but only briefly,

along with horses, tiger-tamers, juggling sword swallowers

and all this clumsy ménagerie

Watch this carnival, this side show, or other

this dolce vita, this vie en rose

this gymnopédie

watch him wake up

and drown