Nov 152012

by Mark Lee Webb


cop quoted

worse in winter

their holes freeze

they move into malls

bump into babies

scare shoppers.


boys saw some camping

near the plaza

their eyes you never

cause they are so subterranean


rabbi found several sleeping in synagogue

didn’t know they knew

how to open doors.


store owner worried out loud

if we don’t do something

about the problem now

next thing you know –



man said wife

keeps kids away

for fear of catching some things.


gardener was sure

they are most certainly not ours

they did not come from here

we have bougainvillea

we’ve fig trees

no moles

but we’d be surely glad

to find them half-way homes.        


waiting for bus offered sound guess

they come up from that pit down town

they get out

they wander.


could neither confirm nor deny

we are checking

yes it is possible

some got away.