May 022010


Mary Ellen Elias


I curse the cursor

that steers me to your jpg.
This Ouija-board maneuver minus the sweat of fingertip

and subconscious machinations.


A way too conscious decision

forces me to click.

Then drag and drop you

into the trash.


Offline relationships shouldn’t end this way

Just as you shouldn’t have dragged me along

Stringing sweet every-things together,

The swift, agile typist

Tapping my keys.

Ever so gently.

yet forcefully.

You had a mission

Just not well thought. 


No inaccurate profile pictures
from the Way Back Machine

or typo-riddled manifestos about

long, sappy walks on the sunset sand

to muck through:

We met the old-fashioned way,

hardware, a flimsy cube wall apart.


Sexting was never an issue;

We had the real thing

Or so I thought.


IMs and emails adjunct complements,

first fueling desire,

Then semaphores,

signaling demise.


 We could’ve faxed the end

or left tag voicemails. 


In time, your cowardice
might have placed me
 in an archive folder

color-coded blue

While you Googled your soul to see if I was the one.

Any one.

No wonder that icon

is a little yellow man,
running away.


Now I’ll finish the project you started.

Clean up the folder

Empty that wired, silver basket.

 Eternal dark cloud 

of the empty computer chip.

Deleting reality

The story of your life.

  One Response to “Love in the time of digital: Apologies to Gabriel Garcia Marquez”

  1. Liked this one even better. I know who this is about. Empty the trash as fast as you can. xxoo S