Sep 142010

by Magdalawit Makonnen

And so, the autumn leaves invite this water.

They move as they should, in an irreversible intake of breath.

How simply the living pores invite sound in a leaf becoming;

simply, the music rises again and not from any ceasing, but from origin.

To begin again without recollection, to fountain.

Again, breath implores for crevices in which to nurture its making

in a sea becoming.

Yet, more often, one practices the fastening of points to lines, lines to planes

to the soma and crest of this song

as though the tongue neatly bore into itself, bore itself

as though the fingers, love children, broke into the body full of moons

  2 Responses to “Inside The Swell of The Sea”

  1. Your poems connect everything to life… they are lovely…

  2. So simple. so soothing, so peaceful, so lovely