Jan 152011

by Subhakar Das

This is what he says when asked
about all the dead
those he killed and maimed
for a bit of glory and a loony cause

whose purpose he forgot:‘the meek must make way
for those who have the good
of others at heart, all that is withered
and fallen must herald the new!’

he talks of money
with the ado of a businessman;
of power
with the craftiness of politicians;
of fear
with the swagger of a mercenary;
he quotes from Marx and Lenin,
even Mao
he talks of freedom and equality
of shooting down his enemies

those that walk free

there is no halo of intellect
no yearning for peace
just perverse rhetoric, even
a belief he can chart
his own path in history
what if it takes a bomb here
or some carpet shooting
he calls himself a rebel
when the world sees
him for what he is

a glorified bandit
no more no less.