Mar 292015

by Shittu Fowora


We, the drivers put faith in the roll of our wheels

sometimes our 4WDs breaks down

in front of a fuel station,

and sometimes it doesn’t.


Sometimes, especially on auspicious days as these;

first dates, weddings, pupils’ vacation, anniversaries

the carburettor may inhale hashish

and fuss with disobedience.


As it may, we continue to trail our paths

stretch our convictions

across the roads of possibilities

galloping against ditches, gullies and potholed ambushes.


It may even be, that while it is sunny somewhere

angry clouds gather shades before our vision

rationalising our need to cast off our dresses

and fete the day in the spaces of our homes.


We oughtn’t give in,

when agelong customs,and the fury of clouds fail us

and when the gods of machines breakdown in tears

or hunger for lack of fuel, we must trudge on.


with the fuel in our hearts

and determination in our feet,

dare the rain to fall

and dance with it to the reception hall

where the world, dressed to the nines,

Kaftans.Brocades.Tuxedos.Aso-ebi and Gele

all applauding our victory of aroha.