Jul 092011

by Lee Stern

So far the good people are standing over here

and the bad people are over there.  By the terrace.

And we’re all pretending to mind our own business

because doing that is symptomatic of other issues.

And emblematic of the gifts that, though we never received them in one piece,

allowed doors to open that we never chose to touch.

And so far the good people, by standing over here,

are gradually running circles around everyone

that have little wrappers tied to the edges of them that we don’t know about.

Or that if we did, and if it was time to tell you about it,

we might have dropped our goblets upon when it was time

to pretend that the prayers we noticed

were coming in for the evening without their dreams.

But, with their thoughts in place, and steering with both hands,

with their memories subordinated,

emptied for the world to enjoy.

And to spin with circumstance through a disc full of promising leaves.