Sep 142011

by William Greenway

Good evening, my name
is Brian, and I’ll be your
Demon tonight. I’ve committed
the menu to memory,
the same as last night
and the night before.
There’s a choice of ham or rib,
shoulder or shank of another
of the damned, with confiture of crow.
The Lechery Special is toad-
in-the-hole, or bangers and buns,
and spotted dick with custard
to finish.

Brutus I always seat
at a table by himself,
give him Caesar salad (w/ chicken),
and from our list of Just Desserts,
a Napoleon. Napoleon
gets beef Wellington, and shares
a booth with Prometheus, eating
his own liver and lights.
Naughty Jack likes tripe,
sautéed, or steak and kidney pie,
and Judas picks at hung hare:
“Hung for the hung,” I always quip.
He leaves a tip
of silver coin.

Everyone gets ptomaine,
up all night and vomiting—
all part of the dining experience—
and just when they’ve gotten to sleep
I wake them up with breakfast
in bed, stick it under their noses,
open their bloodshot eyes
to sinner sausage, brains and eggs,
and Kate and Sidne
y pies.