Apr 192013

by Mike Jurkovic


If I manage

to get off this train

without diphtheria,

or consumption,

or some bio hazard

eating my innards

I’ll recall this day fondly.


All on board coughing,

sneezing, hacking up

some germ from deep inside.

Some viral intruder

attaching itself

to my cold dime and dollar.


Raising a family on my liver.

Riding my tri-glycerides.

Slowly making its way

to my brain

and the net of nerves

that wraps my fingers

around my pen.


If it really takes root,

God knows.

I might write weirder than this.

A lyrical fist-fight of

fraught and humor.


If I get off this train

with any pulse at all

I’ll stop by church tomorrow

kneel in supplication.

Pray for those

sicker than I

who are only trying

to get home.