May 142012

by Guhan Santhanam


Tracing breadcrumbs on a cloudy sky,

Searching footprints in pouring rain.

A brail , a cane , a best friend,

To stammer down, memory lane.


Past with present, is a strange infusion.

Sights of a father, with eyes of a son.


When your laughter,carries no noise. Your sorrow , no tears.

You regress to fall,

but stand in bloom.


Memory treasure hunts,

will measure the distance;

Between you then,

And you now.


Sculpted moments, flash.

From the journal of a saga.

Overwhelmed, unprepared Ghosts of the past,

could never open doors.

Would leave a window,

to a time that was.


Horizons of the past,

caress your grasp.

Horizons of the past,

evade your touch.


A presence by my shoulder,

with a need to discover.

Word said clear,

to be suspended nowhere.


This day ,That year.

You so gently whisper;

you cannot help but wonder…


Why does fragrance linger,

Where those lips said goodbye?


This day ,That year.

You so gently whisper;

Scars dont lie, Memories belie.


This is just another day,

Carved on the shadows of a milestone.

This is just another day,

Tugged to the curves of a wishbone;


This day,That year.

You so gently whisper;

to remember or, forget.

Who would know?