Feb 272010

In the 1990s, Stephen Mead’s poems began appearing in literary journals, but after moving to Massachusetts, Stephen again began concentrating more on painting. 

 In 2000, Stephen started seeking publication again for his writing and art combined.  Since then his work has appeared internationally thanks to the World Wide Web.  In 2004, Stephen began experimenting with poetry/art hybrids, creating award-winning e-books such as “Heroines Unlikely”.  From there Stephen began experimenting with his art/poems as films.  In 2006 Stephen released a CD of poems set to music, “Safe & Other Love Poems”, (, as well as three DVDs, (  Print editions of his novels and poetry-art hybrids began being distributed by and in 2007.  Ever-revising, Stephen Mead released a re-mastered version of his CD re-titled “Love Lullabies” via Amazon in 2009, as well as a new poetry-art hybrid “Our Book of Common Faith”, a meditation on world cultures/religions as a force for unity as opposed to violence.