Aug 222008

Sean Patrick Leary "Man of Action"

Sean Patrick Leary gets around (in the geographical sense), having grown up in the greater New York and D.C. areas before becoming a vagabond.  While touring he attempted to support his travels by working extensively in the recreation industry (ski bum).  Sean’s travels and recreation experiences are often reflected in his writings.  Sean landed in Gunnison, Colorado, for a while where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Recreation with a minor in Journalism from Western State College of Colorado.  There he found quick success as a writer, photographer and editor for his college newspaper, the Top O’ The World, and as a writer and photographer for Gunnison’s county paper, the Gunnison Country Times.

Sean earned a Master of Arts in Professional Writing at Kennesaw State University. He currently resides in Virginia, where he pretends to be a legitimate writer.  He mostly writes creative nonfiction (he lies a lot), but some people also seem to like his early attempts at fiction and poetry.  In addition, Sean tells people he is an outdoor and action sports photographer.  He is not to be confused with that other Sean Leary guy who also writes stuff.  Besides being a liar and terrible to date, our mysterious hero is an amazing friend, very good looking, athletic, humble and mostly a good solid guy.  And the ladies really seem to like him.