Feb 272010

Mel C. Thompson is a product of the San Francisco open mic scene and was first published in their underground zine “Bullhorn” in 1990. In the 90s his poetry was also published in such magazines as The Chiron Review, The Bay Area Guardian, Wordwrights and the The Haight Ashbury Literary Review. He featured extensively in such venues as the Paradise Lounge, Café Babar and the Chameleon Club. Currently he is anthologized in The Best of The Texas Poetry Calendar and Poets From Hell (New American Underground Poetry). In 2008 & 2009 he has been published frequently online at such sites as “nthposition,com,” “” and “,” and also appeared in print in The World Poets Journal (China), Jackknife Express (Canada) and Over The Transom (San Francisco). He has been recently featured at The Berkeley Poetry Festival, The San Francisco Beat Museum, The Frank Bette Center For The Arts and the San Francisco Park Branch Library.