Mar 022010

Gina Gareri-Watkins is a writer, photographer, and editor, as well as a wife of 30 years, a mother for 22 years, and snack coordinator for an equal amount of time.  Her essays are described as a twisted version of Erma Bombeck–a non-mainstream, mid-life mom with an acerbic wit adjusting to life outside Atlanta’s urban ring–in search of the inherent humor and pathos in everyday occurrences.

In her spare time Gina does not play guitar in a rock band (as half her  graduate classmates seem to), but instead is co-founder and managing editor of The Write Room and regular contributor to its open mic nights, The Play Pen.  She currently lives in Alpharetta, Georgia, with her children and their correspondingly ungrateful dogs, but is always subject to an unexpected relocation due to an insensitive, career-hopping husband.