Jul 122011

Bruce Bromley has performed his poetry and music at the John Drew Theatre (East Hampton); the Berklee Performance Center (Boston); Shakespeare and Company (Paris); The Village Voice (Paris); and at the 1986 Edinburgh Theatre Festival, where the Oxford Theatre Troupe performed his play, _Sound for Three Voices_. His poetry has appeared in _Gargoyle Magazine_; his fiction and essays in _Out Magazine_; _Pif Magazine_; _Word Riot_; _The Battered Suitcase_; _BlazeVox Magazine_; _Fringe Magazine_; the _Journal of Speculative Philosophy_; _Environmental Philosophy_; _Monkey Puzzle Magazine_; and in _Women and Performance_, among other journals. He is Senior Lecturer in expository writing at NYU, where he won the 2006 Golden Dozen Award for teaching excellence.